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A selection of useful links

Stephen Senn's Pharmaceutical Statistics LinksContents





Stephen Senn's Pharmaceutical Statistics LinksBlogs


Andrew Gelman's Blog (Famous statistical blog)

John D Cook's Blog An interesting (and sometimes challenging) stats blog

Error Statistical Philosophy Philosopher of science Deborah Mayo's Stats and Philo blog

Pharma Marketing Blog OK It's not statistics but it's still relevent.

Rectofossal Ambiguity "microbiology, food, plague, science, stupidity"

Social Science Space Interesting website on science and society

Three Toed Sloth The author of this entertaining bog is certainly no Bradypus but Cosma Rohilla Shalizi

Understanding Uncertainty (Entertaining and thought-provoking site run by David Spiegelhalter)

Xi'An'S Og Gnomic utterences from an eastern mystic who seems to share a remarkable number of interests with western Bayesian statistician and mountain climber Christian Robert



Stephen Senn's Pharmaceutical Statistics LinksContract Research Organisations



aCROnordic A/S (Previously SPADILLE)


Averion International Corp.- A Clinical Research Organization (CRO) Now incorporates Hesperion







Data Magik Ltd


Dianthus Medical

EmpiriStat, Inc


Frontier Science

ICON Development Solutions

iddi - international drug development institute

IDV AG - Individuelle Datenverarbeitungssysteme München

Optimata Predictive biosimulation


Pierrel Now incorporates PharmaPart



Quanticate Previously Statwood and Oxford Pharmaceutical Sciences


Robertson Centre for Biostatistics

SIRO Clinpharm

Statoo Consulting

Syne qua non







Stephen Senn's Pharmaceutical Statistics LinksDatasets and other data resources


Biologic Specimen and Data Repository Information Coordinating Center (Data sets from NHLBI clinical trials etc.)

BUBL LINK: Health statistics

The Data and Story Library  (DASL. Useful source of teaching examples) 

Demographic and Health Surveys

G A P M I N D E R : HOME (Brilliant website with statistics for many countries over several decades)

Health Data Tools and Statistics

Human Life-Table Database

Medical Billing and Coding Certification If you want the mystery of disease coding made easy, this is the site

The Royal Statistical Society Dataset Website (Data to accompany papers in the RSS journals)

Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics, Information about Scotland's Areas

Statistical Reference Datasets (Guinea-pigs for your research)

Statistical Science Web: Data Sets

Stephen Senn's Data Sets Data from various of my papers

TimeWeb (Time series datasets)

World Gazeteer Global population data




Stephen Senn's Pharmaceutical Statistics LinksDrug Regulatory Agencies and other Related Sites


Therapeutic Goods Adminstration (ACPM) Australian agency

Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC)

Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative FDA sponsord initiative at Duke University

The Consort Statement

ECRIN European Clinical Research Infrastructures Network

EMA European Medicines Agency

European National Agencies

FDA: Food and Drug Administration


Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

MHRA (Medicines and Health Care Products Regulatory Agency, UK )

NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence)

NHS Quality Improvement Scotland


WMA - The World Medical Association





Stephen Senn's Pharmaceutical Statistics LinksEducation


ACDRS American Course on Drug Development and Regulatory Science

ECPM European Course in Pharmaceutical Medicine



Stephen Senn's Pharmaceutical Statistics LinksEvidence based health pages and other medical advice



Centre for Evidence Based Medicine University of Oxford site

The Cochrane Collaboration

Chris Cates's EBM pages

NLH - UK Database of Uncertainties about the Effects of Treatments (DUETs)

Equator network Enhacing the QUAlity and Transparency Of health Research

flurespEuropean Union funded project on influenza

Health Knowledge"Expanding public health knowledge": Stats resource for health care professionals

IDEAL Integrated Design and AnaLysis of small population group trials European Union FP7 project

Intute: Health and Life Sciences

James Lind Library (History of controlled comparisons in medicine)

NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination( University of York )

National Institute for Clinical Excellence

PRISMA Guidelines for meta-analysis (replaces QUORUM)

WBMD.COM | Better Information. Better Health.

Wiley InterScience: Reference Work: The Cochrane Library 2010, Issue 8




Stephen Senn's Pharmaceutical Statistics LinksHealth Economics and Epidemiology


HEED (Health Economics Evaluations Database)

HERU (Health Economics Research Unit) - University of Aberdeen

iHEA | International Health Economics Association

International Society For Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research

Office of Health Economics

Virtual Library Epidemiology





Stephen Senn's Pharmaceutical Statistics LinksJournals and Other Publications

Advances in Methodology and Statisticsmetodološki zvezki(Slovenian journal)ki

Applied Clinical Trials

American Statistical Association journals (JASA, American Statistician, etc.)

Bayesian Analysis

BioMed Central | BMC Medical Research Methodology


Biometrical Journal




British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology

British Medical Journal


Clinical Trials

Journal of the Society for Clinical Trials

Contemporary Clinical Trials  formerly Controlled Clinical Trials (Science Direct)

Drug Information Journal

The Devil's Drug Development Dictionary



IMS Publications (Annals, Statistical Science)

International Journal of Epidemiology

Instructions to Authors in the Health Sciences (6000+ links from Mulford Library, University of Toledo , Ohio )

JAMA Journal of the American Medical Association

International Journal of Biostatistics

Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics, JABES

Journal de la SFDS

Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics

Journal of Clinical Epidemiology  (Science Direct)

The Lancet

Methods of Information in Medicine

The New England Journal of Medicine

Pharmaceutical Statistics

Research Synthesis Methods

Royal Society Publishing

The Royal Statistical Society - The Journal: Series A, B and C

Scrip World Pharmaceutical News


 Statistical Issues in Drug Development

Statistics in Biopharmaceutical Research

Statistics in Medicine

Statistical Methods in Medical Research

TEST Magazine (Spanish Statistical Society)





Stephen Senn's Pharmaceutical Statistics LinksNational and International Statistical Organisations

Statistics Canada ( “Canadian Links Data” : this is the almost the only joke on this page.)

CDC (US Centre for Disease Control)

Eurostat (European Union's Statistical Organisation)

European Centre for Disease Control ECDC (not to be confused with AC/DC)

EuroSurveillance (European Union infectious diseases surveillance site)

Fedstats ( US Statistical umbrella organisation)

General Register Office for Scotland

Health Statistics Wales

NHS Blood and Transplant

INSEE - National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies - France


ONS: Office for National Statistics (UK)

Swiss Federal Office for Statistics

United Nations Statistics Division

US Census Bureau

World Health Organisation





Stephen Senn's Pharmaceutical Statistics LinksPharma Companies












Chiesi Farmaceutici Spa



Eli Lilly





Johnson and Johnson



Merck   (US company)

Merck KGaA (German company)

Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma





Otsuka Pharmaceutical Group




Schering AG






VANDA Pharmaceuticals





Stephen Senn's Pharmaceutical Statistics LinksPharma Organisations

ABPI: Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry

Centre for Innovation in Regulatory Science (previously CMR)

DIA: Drug Information Association

EPSA European Pharmaceutical Students Association

IFPMA: International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Associations

Innovative Medicines Initatitive

Medicines Development independent not-for-profit global health company

OHE: Office of Health Economics






Stephen Senn's Pharmaceutical Statistics LinksPharma Web-Sites (including trial summaries and registers)


Amgen - Patients - Clinical Trials: Amgentrials.com

AstraZeneca Clinical Trials - Information on AstraZeneca-sponsored clinical trials

Boehringer Ingelheim Global Clinical Trials website: home

Bristol-Myers Squibb - Clinical Trials Disclosure

CenterWatch Database of Study Results

DrugAlert A consumer website alerting consumers about dangerous drugs

DrugWatch Information on drug side-effects and interactions

GlaxoSmithKline Clinical Trial Register

Lilly Clinical Trial Registry

Novartis Clinical Trials

Pharma Licensing

Pharm Web Pharmaceutical-Industry Info

Roche - Clinical Trial Protocol Registry and Results


Virtual library pharmacy




Stephen Senn's Pharmaceutical Statistics LinksPublishers of Statistical Monographs


Hodder Arnold (Previously Edward Arnold)


CRC Press (Chapman and Hall)

Cambridge University Press


Imperial College Press


Marcel Dekker



Prentice Hall







Stephen Senn's Pharmaceutical Statistics LinksSoftware Companies, Software and Shareware


AD Model Builder (Nonlinear statistical models package from Otter Research)

AdClin : Smart Clinical Software

Adept Scientific (Market Mathcad, Maple, GenStat and many other packages in the UK )

Biostat (Comprehensive Meta-analysis, Power and Precision etc.)

BUGS (Gibbs sampling software)

Cytel (StatXact, EAST etc.)

Centre for Multilevel Modelling (ML-Win etc)

FACTSTessela's and Berry Consultants' clinical trial design software

Jim Kepner's Sample Size Calculator

JMP Software

LaTeX project

Makubate and Senn programs for analysing cross-over trial in infertility

Mango Solutions(Data analysis, Application Development and R Training)

MathWorks MATLAB etc

MetaWinWindows based meta analysis software

MIXMeta-analysis made easy

MONOLIX (Non linear mixed effects software)


NCSS (PASS etc.)

OriginLab (ORIGIN curve fitting and statistical analysis software)

Palisade(Decision analysis software: @RISK, Precision Tree etc)

PEST (Planning and Evaluation of Sequential Trials)

Pharsight (PK/PD clinical trials simulation software)

Phase Forward: Integrated Clinical and Safety Data Management Systems

Phastar(Clinical trials reporting tool, SAS wizards etc.)

PPD Informatics (First Pass , SAR System )

PowerSampleSize (Dupont and Plummer's sample size shareware)


Python Programming Language

R Project  (Free GNU statistical software)

Russ Lenth's power and sample-size page

SaTScanFree software for Spatial and Time Scan statistics


Sigmasoft_  Data management software for clinical trials

SAS meta-analysis macros

Macros written by Jim Weir and Stephen Senn

SPAD - Data Mining with the SPAD Data Mining Solution

SPC Software for Manufacturing Quality Control | DataNet Quality Systems - WinSPC.com



Statistical Solutions (BMDP, SOLAS, nQuery, EquivTest, Patient Profiles, SYSTAT, etc.)

StatSoft (Statistica etc.)

SymCYP Population based pharmacokinetic modelling and simulation

TIBCO (Spotfire, SPlus, Axum etc.)

RTI International - SUDAAN

VSN  (GenStat)

Wolfram Research, Inc. (Mathematica)




Stephen Senn's Pharmaceutical Statistics LinksStatistical Jobs and Recruitment Consultants


http://www.datashaping.com/index.shtml  (Jobs dashboard of Data-Shaping Solutions)

fforde (Fforde management)

Liftstream (Liftstream - Life sciences recruitment)


Key People Occupational Health, Pharmaceutical, Health & Safety and Banking Recruitment

Maths Careers (Council for Mathematical Sciences Site)


SRG interesource




Stephen Senn's Pharmaceutical Statistics LinksStatistics about Drug Development, Commercial Databases, Register of Trials etc. (See also PharmaWebsites)


ClinicalTrials.gov - Information on Clinical Trials and Human Research Studies (NIH)


Medidata Solutions Worldwide: Electronic Data Capture and Clinical Data Management system for clinical trials

General Practice Research Database

IFPMA Clinical Trials Portal

PharmGKB: The Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics Knowledge Base


WHO | International Clinical Trials Registry Platform




Stephen Senn's Pharmaceutical Statistics LinksStatistical Societies, Networks and Organisations


Analytic Bridge (Site set up by Vincent Granville to link modellers)

ASA:American Statistical Association

Basler Biometrische Sektion (BBS)

BIAS-Biometristi dell'Industria Associati (In Italian)

SBS/BVS Belgian Statistical Society

Biometrics Section of the ASA

Biopharmaceutical Section of ASA

BMS en ANed Dutch

EFMI Web Portal - Home European Federation for Medical Informatics

EFSPI European Federation of Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry

ENBIS European Network for Business and Industrial Statistics

Föreningen för Medicinsk Statistik  Swedish (English version)

GMDS (in German)

IMS: Institute of Mathematical Statistics

International Association for Statistical Computing

International Biometric Society

ICSA - International Chinese Statistical Association

The International Society of Biopharmaceutical Statistics

ISCB (International Society for Clinical Biostatistics)

ISI: International Statistical Institute

PSI: Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry

RSS: Royal Statistical Society

SAMSI - Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute

SCT: Society for Clinical Trials

SFDS (French)

SISMEC (Italian)Societa Italiana di Statistica Medica ed Epidemiologic Clinica

SSAI Statistical Society of Australia Inc

Swiss Statistical Society  




Stephen Senn's Pharmaceutical Statistics LinksUseful or Interesting Statistics Links


CAST (Doug Stirling’s interactive online statistics textbook)  

Current Index to Statistics  

DataBlog Guardian website providing data on the web and encouraging members of the public to post analyses

DataShaping - Click Fraud Detection, Data Mining, Analytical Jobs (Data Shaping Solutions’ data-mining site)

Directory of Academic Statisticians

Figures from the History of Probability & Statistics (John Aldrich’s site)

The R.A. Fisher Digital Archive ( University of Adelaide site with Fisher’s papers and correspondence)

GapMinder : brilliant graphics on global demographic and economic trends

getstats Royal Statistical Society's campaign for statistical literacy

History of Statistics ( York University site)

Innocentive Open Innovation | Innovation Management (Ideas exchange for problem posers and solvers)

Interactive Statistical Calculation Pages (Part of the StatPages.net website)

Human Mortality Database

International Statistical Institute’s international glossary (Stuck for the meaning of vraisemblence? In all likelihood this will help.)

Learn and Teach Genetics at S= > citable from Nature Education

Mathematics and Statistics conferences (Conference alerts)

LTSN Maths/Stats/OR Network

MacTutor History of Mathematics (Site with biographies of many mathematicians)

MathWorld (Wolfram’s extremely useful maths encyclopedia)

Mitchell Max's and Joanne Lynn's interactive textbook (Interactive textbook covering many aspects of medical statistics)

The SCAM project: Simplicity, Complexity and Modelling

SMART - Explorapedia of Statistical and Mathematical Techniques for use in Research and Technology

Smart centre Durham University Smart Centre

Straight Statistics (Campaigning website set up by Lord Lipsey and run by Nigel Hawkes)

UCLA Statistical Computing Resources (Excellent site giving wonderful support on many aspects of statistical computing.)

Understanding Uncertainty (Entertaining and thought-provoking site run by David Spiegelhalter)